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In oktober 1976 Recru BV was founded by Henk Brusse and his partner Albert Swijghuisen Reigersberg. The company grew along with the button rage and in 1981 the production of the 100 millionth button was celebrated by offering a number of button machines and button parts for the World Wildlife Fund to ZKH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands at the Palace in Soestdijk.

In 1982 Albert Swijghuisen Reigersberg left Recru b.v. and the company was re-named Buttonboss b.v. In 1983 the production of advertising and license pillows started. This was also a great success and hundreds of thousands of pillows with images of Blondie, Elvis and Abba found their place in bedrooms and parcel shelves of cars.

In 1985 baseball caps were added to the assortment. These were manufactured in Taiwan and marketed under the brand Kingcap. Within a few years Buttonboss grew into one of the most important cap suppliers in the European market.

In 1996 Buttonboss celebrates its 20th anniversary and Prince Bernhard honored us with a visit to a grand party in Twente. He offers Henk Brusse the membership of the select, by himself founded “1001-Club”, which supports the worldwide activities of the World Wildlife Fund.

In 1998 the embroidery activities started to meet the growing demand for embroided caps. It soon becomes clear that there is also much need for textile with embroided logo's and Buttonboss started with this service.

In 2000, just before his 60th birthday founder Henk Brusse left the company. Buttonboss was sold to the 33-year-old Robin Vogel who was with Robitex one of the largest customers of Buttonboss.

In 2001 the company building at De Reulver was considerably expanded and within a few years Buttonboss grew into the largest embroidery company in The Netherlands. In 2002 the first professional award “Supplier of the Year” is given, which is promptly won by Buttonboss, according to the jury because of the excellent service and the successful relaunch of the brand Kingcap.

In the following years the company grew by double digits every year and in 2008 owner Robin Vogel also bought The Peppermint Company. This in Tiel based company that provides promotional candy to the same customer group as Buttonboss (companies that are active in the promotional industry) moved in 2009 from Tiel to Enschede, opposite the Buttonboss building.

In 2009 Buttonboss was again voted for “Supplier of the Year”.

In early 2010 the embroidery company Gebri in Limburg was taken over and integrated within Buttonboss. During that year the embroidery production also started in Romania.

Buttonboss has taken over Care Concepts in September 2011. Care Concepts is a specialist in promotional care products. The assortment is a good extension to the current product range, so Buttonboss can strengthen her position as a supplier.

In Augustus 2013 Nina Kasifa has entered the Buttonboss Group to support Robin Vogel with marketing and communication activities. The goal is to be more visible in the promotional market, so the products will be offered to the consumers more actively.

Buttonboss currently has 57 employees and a team of over 100 home workers still takes care of the button production.